HAR Resources

A community curated list of resources, tools, projects and applications that support HTTP Archive (HAR).

About the HTTP Archive Spec

The widely used HTTP Archive Format (HAR) format specification was initially designed by the HttpWatch and Firebug teams (Jan Odvarko together with Steve Souders and Simon Perkins) as an open, portable JSON file format based on the HttpWatch XML file export. It is now supported by many browsers and HTTP sniffing / monitoring tools making it easier to exchange HTTP log files and to export collected data. it has since been adopted by all main HTTP tracking tools.


The content of this site are copied from various sources, Starting with the complete list by Jan Odvarko with updates for broken links and deleted tools. This list is available as an open-source project on Github, allowing anybody to contribute (via Pull Requests) to expand the content, and keep the list fresh.